Tomato Farming in Northern Nigeria: An Exposé

Dec 06, 2021 by N.G. Onike

This piece exposes my foray into farming, my passion for development and the way technology affects farming today. I also discuss the depth of technological penetration in local farming communities within the scope of this piece

Technology Agriculture Lifestyle

Make a PHP homepage for your React App using Rewrite Rules

Feb 15, 2021 by N.G. Onike

Why React with Cpanel and how does Shared Hosting, PHP and NGinx/Apache come into play? Here we approach server and hosting in a different way.

Technology Software Web Development

Getting a Hang Of State In React: A UI Challenge

Jan 20, 2021 by N.G. Onike

Familiarising myself with React came with some knowledge gaps I had to fill. State is a powerful and important concept at Reacts core. This piece offers a guide to understanding state through a practical approach.

Technology Software

Automation, Jobs & Your Future

Oct 13, 2020 by N.G. Onike

I believe in the capability of developing minds and worlds to achieve their potential. See what the future holds for labor in our world.

Technology Labor Automation Future

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